About us


In 2019 Eligio became the undisputable Belgian market leader, only 8 years after winning over our first client.

Eligio was founded in March 2011. Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the sector we were able to grow rapidly from the get-go. After only 10 years our company had almost 355 employees, generating a revenu of over €15m. This effectively means Eligio is Belgian market leader regarding the Outsourcing of reception services.

The day to day management is done by Annelies Haezendonck, Hilde Vanhemelryck, and Xavier Vandewiele. Together they have over 50 years of experience in the Outsourcing of receptions. They manage the daily operations in close collaboration with our Cluster Managers and other Support services. The basis of our operations lies in our decentralized company structure. For each client we appoint a designated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) from their region, who will do the daily follow-up of the reception. Through this we create a channel of open communication with both our customers and colleagues.


Creative approach

We try to find the best solution in any specific case



It is very important to satisfy our clients and meet their needs



We provide a coherent plan with business steps for each client



We always can correct the plan and add needed changes


Affordable prices

Our services are affordable for a wide range of people


Support 24/7

We provide a high-quality support for each client 24/7

Get to know our team

In addition to our 300 professionals who work on site with our clients as a fixed or flying receptionist, we have a whole team of dedicated and motivated colleagues behind the scenes in order to deliver the best performance possible.